Human trafficking is the modern day slave trade.

27 million people are enslaved worldwide
100,000 American children are trafficked for commercial sex each year
12-13 is the average age of entry into sex trade in the US
2 children are sold every minute worldwide
1 person can make a difference

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trafficking and the work of
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FIVE STONES INTERNATIONAL is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by human trafficking. Based in Albuquerque, NM, Five Stones commits to initially addressing the epidemic of modern day slavery at a local level, thereby equipping our community to assist in abolishing slavery on a global scale.

Our name is taken from the biblical account of David, a shepherd boy, and Goliath, a menacing giant whose aim was to destroy God's people. Though small in stature, David did not fear Goliath but instead trusted in God, chose five stones from the stream, and then defeated the giant. 

In our modern-day battle against the "giant" of human trafficking, our five stones are awareness, training, outreach, advocacy, and restoration

We invite you to join our efforts by picking up your own stones:

PRAY AND FAST. Email us to receive monthly prayer requests and join us for our Freedom Fast on the 5th of every month.

FIGHT LABOR SLAVERY. Become educated on the role you play in fueling human trafficking. Research slave-made and fair trade products at Products of Slavery and Chain Store Reaction. Promote freedom in your purchases. 

FIGHT SEX SLAVERY. Learn about the demand that drives the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children through our End the Demand brochure. Find out about the vulnerabilities on which traffickers prey at Girls Like Us, Human Trafficking, and Very Young Girls. Seek counseling for sexual sin at Renew Biblical Counseling.

DO JUSTICE. Put your passion in action. Volunteer with an anti-human trafficking organization. Participate in a prevention ministry that serves vulnerable populations. Use your talents and time to break the yoke of oppression. 

INVEST IN FREEDOM. Help support our work with a financial contribution. Checks, cash, credit cards and Paypal are options for giving generously.